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Hello all members of the Edgren MS/HS community! Club 3.0 is no longer active. Any student platforms set up will remain active and usable.


What does the name Club 3.0 mean?

It's a play on the term Web 3.0, which refers to a decentralized, distributed web, put simply. You can find Web 3.0 links in the Links section below. The relevance to our club is that this is meant to be a decentralized club in that students can pretty much learn and work on anything they want. The only expectation is that if students want to share their work, they need to share it digitally. This can be done through any digital media.

What are channels?

If a student or a group of students wants to create and maintain a relatively constant digital presence, whether through a website or stream of digital information, they can form a channel. It's simply a way to identify a source of information that is relatively constantly accessible, rather than a one-off distribution of a file, for example. A channel might be a podcast, a website, or a feed of some sort (news, art, etc.).

If students do want to work on and share something but don't want to maintain a channel, they can distribute it through somebody else's channel.

Why do some people who publish use anagrams or aliases?

We take privacy seriously here at Club 3.0. Besides, anagrams are good, clean fun.
--Gnomelike Grandpa

Why is this website so ugly?

Because I like ugly. You want cute, go make your own dang site. That's the whole point. I like gray. You want purple? Here you go - #91099F.



  • W3CSchools - This is really all you need to get started with HTML, CSS, and javascript


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